Setting Up Your Billing Information on Google Suite + Mini G Suite Primer

You might be wondering what Google Suite is. If not and you just want the billing setup info, click here to jump straight to those instructions! It is a powerful tool for businesses, especially those with more than one person working for them. The best part about G Suite is that it is available at the low cost of $5/month/user. The most simple and popular solution G Suite offers is the ability to create emails @your domain that can be accessed and used just like a normal Gmail account. Cool, right?!

Now if you think about your normal Gmail account, it is filled with really cool tools, like:

This is where G Suite gets exciting! Not only can you use an email interface that you are used to working on for your business email but you get all of the awesome free tools associated with your. If you are a one person shop this is great and convenient because you can organize all of the docs you create, spreadsheets you make and calendar events you schedule for your business in one place.

Big Tools for Growing Small Businesses

But what if you have more than one person in your organization? Here G Suite truly shines. Not only will everyone in your organization be able to use all of these helpful tools with their own business emails managed by Google – you will also be able to collaborate with your team, create company assets and hold meetings with all of the security and controls managed by you. Decide which devices have access to your G Suite accounts, whether assets can be shared outside of your organization, which apps your team can use with their G Suite account and more. You are in the driver’s seat, making it easy to add people to your organization or remove them when needed while still keeping all of their account details in tact.

G Suite allows your team to all work together in one place, collaborate with ease and do so with an interface that everyone is familiar with. Whether you are coordinating schedules for appointments, filling in the blanks for a company spreadsheet or developing a presentation using slides, G Suite will have you covered. Visit G Suite to learn more about all of the things you can do with this tool beyond email!

How to set up your G Suite billing info

Now that we have covered that info, here are the steps you will follow to add your billing information to your G Suite account. If you are not a client of Digital Reach then you will have to follow all of Google’s steps for setting up your G Suite account before adding your billing info and if you need help doing that, then drop us a line and we can chat about your online business solutions needs.

Step 1:

Go to:

Use the username and password that we provided to you or if you set up your own G Suite, use the username and password that you created.

You will arrive at this screen when you login:

Step 2:

Click that “Billing” link that is circled in the image above. When you click that link, this page will pop up:

You will click the “Set Up Billing” link as shown above.

Step 3:

Once you click that link, this will be the next screen you see for setting up your G Suite billing info.

You will notice that there are two options for G Suite. Every client of ours and our own organization use the G Suite Basic, which is $5/month. We recommend using this option but if you think that you may need the G Suite Business option, please contact us to learn about the differences or just choose that option for yourself. Click on “Select” for whichever plan you are choosing.

Step 4:

After selecting your plan, you will arrive at this screen:

You will notice that this account has 2 users, which is why it indicates a $10/month charge since G Suite costs $5 or $10/month/user. This screen allows you to set your country and number of users that you would like to be paying for.

Please click “continue”

Step 5:

Please review this screen to verify that all of the choices match what you want for your G Suite account:

If everything is as you would like it, click continue.

Step 6:

Now you are at the billing screen where you will add all of your business information like your business name, physical address and primary contact. This step has two screenshots. One is the top of the page and the second is the bottom of the page that you will reach upon scrolling.

Once you have entered your business and billing information you will click continue!

You have now successfully set up your G Suite billing information and your account is ready to go! Visit your dashboard and check out your business management functionality! Now you are ready to write emails, create business assets, organize your calendar, collaborate and manage your team all under one roof!

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