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Digital Reach leverages top-of-the-line analytic tools to uncover insights that will supercharge your marketing plan and deliver conversions. Whether you want to move up the Google rankings, launch a targeted Google Ads campaign, or simply get your target audience familiar with your brand, our insights drive traffic, clicks, and sales.

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“We get new leads weekly, which was definitely not happening before. Mandy is transparent with how ad money is spent and she’s always adjusting to maximize our investment.” – 907 Legal

Online marketing case study

Month-Over-Month Optimizations

The project

Alaskan law firm 907 Legal wasn’t seeing a great ROI from the money they were spending with their cookie-cutter digital marketing firm. Hoping to grow their name in Alaska, they made the jump to Digital Reach. With targeted Google Adwords and robust Google remarketing campaigns, the firm’s online marketing now reliably generates new cases and leads from the Internet- crucial in an industry where you don’t often get the same client twice.

The results


Increase in click through rate after split tests & keyword monitoring


More engagement with site contact form after design changes


Increase in website events (like contact form submissions) tracked per month

Deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time. And convert!

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Our capabilities

Strategy Development

Marketing audits

Keyword research

Persona development

Competitive analysis

Traffic Drivers

Search Engine Optimization

PPC search marketing

Banner advertisement


Social marketing

Online Destinations

Optimized web design

Targeted landing pages

Content strategy

Citations and online listings

Custom opt-in forms

Tracking & Analytics

Call and text tracking

Google analytics implementation

Custom Google tagging strategy

Website heat mapping

Google Data Studio reporting

Better SEO

Climb the rankings

A great product, service, or website doesn’t mean much if you can’t put it in front of the right audience. We’ll help your business get seen by your target search engine audience by finding the right keywords, writing effective tags and content, and optimizing your website for ranking and discoverability. A great onsite SEO strategy won’t yield results overnight, but if it’s done properly (and with us, that’s a promise!), SEO yields great returns and consistently produces high-ranking pages.

Google AdWords management

PPC, KPI, CRO, Oh my!

If you’re looking for leads, one of the fastest and most effective approaches is to leverage paid media advertising networks like Google or Facebook. The downside is that powerful tools like Google AdWords associates hard costs with price per click (PPC) management based on keyword competition, ad placement, and other factors.


If you would rather spend more time on your core business functions than managing PPC ad buys and your KPIs, QS, or CTRs, give us a call! We’re masters at launching clients’ first Google ad campaigns, and we love to take on fixer-upper projects where we flip a poorly performing campaign into a profitable lead generation pipeline.

Conversion optimization management

Turn clicks into meaningful action

In the web world, a conversion happens any time a user completes a desirable action and and sends their information your way. Conversions are a marketer’s number one goal, and they can happen on your website, landing pages, in an email, or any other web channel.


With an excellent track record as conversion optimization specialists, we’re standing by to help you increase any of the conversion types:


  • Purchases
  • Downloads
  • Registrations
  • Referrals
  • Phone calls
  • Click to chat
  • Email subscriptions
  • and more…

Website performance

Measurement matters

If you want your website to work for you, you’ll need to respond to Google Analytics data with real time changes, use Google Tag Manager to segment desired events, and track user drop-off with a top-class heat mapping tool. Or, we could do that for you.  


We start with your performance metrics to identify the challenges with your website–and then we solve them. Maybe users are losing interest before they scroll to the meat of your pitch, or perhaps your call-to-action buttons aren’t getting any traction. We use your site’s data and all the tools at our disposal to pinpoint problem areas and address them in real time.

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Don’t throw your money away on a website that doesn’t perform or ads that don’t get clicked. Our marketing experts know what it takes to get your business seen on the web. So if you’ve got a project in mind, get in touch!

Website Design

Our team of experienced web designers creates modern, custom web sites that are built to perform and to give your business a foundation to grown on.

Business Solutions

Automate business functions like reservations, chat, and ecommerce and discover how analytics and AI can shorten your sales cycle.