Myth 2: Social media is all of the rage for small businesses!

Why doesn’t anybody understand me?!?! Does social media work for small businesses?

Social media is likely the most misunderstood marketing vertical available today. People often treat it like it is an ad space with a social commentary rather than treating it as it is, which is a social space with an advertising-centric backdrop.

Here are some key points to consider when choosing social media as a marketing platform:

How am I going to get enough followers for my posts to even gain traction? With Facebook’s algorithms you are fighting an uphill battle to get a meaningful number of impressions when you have a large audience (think 1000+) so what can you expect from posting when you have an audience of under 200?

Why would someone follow my page? People follow pages because those pages bring value to their lives in some way. What value are you going to provide and how are you going to manage providing it regularly so that you followers continue to not just see your posts but actually engage in them?

Are you a conversation starter? How are your posts going to sound casual and personal enough to make someone want to read them in a social space but be compelling enough to drive someone to take an action? This is something you will need to do on a regular basis if you expect a post about a product you are offering to gain any traction down the road

Refer to item one – nothing is free and results take time (which has a cost)

Social media marketing takes time and effort to gain results. Yes, it can be a very powerful tool. No, it is not a free, easy replacement for paid marketing. Like all good things in life that are reliable and last, it involves some good old fashioned planning, testing and patience.

Do you know the social aspects of your business? Good, then connect them with directed marketing efforts.

A good life does not exist in a vacuum or a silo and neither does a good marketing plan. As we will mention in myth 3, Quick Closes are Better, the buyer’s journey takes more time these days. This means that you will likely, and should, meet your potential clients, customers and patients in different places online. They might find you the first time through a Google Search and later see one of your retargeting ads on a website visit and then catch you again in their Facebook news feed.

This is simply to say that social media has a place in your marketing plan, perhaps even a center stage, leading role, but no matter what role it takes, there will need to be supporting actors to get the job done!

In the marketing world, team work really does make the dream work!

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