Myth 4: I am going to throw together a quick campaign

Process is your valentine when it comes to marketing campaigns!

Before you are off to the races, thinking that you are going to “throw together” a marketing campaign without planning, be sure that you can answer these questions:

What is your campaign about?
Why will people find it appealing and who are the people that said campaign will appeal to?
What action do you want people to take (think filling out a form, calling you, booking an appointement, etc) and why should they take it now?

Falling In Love With Planning, Google Analytics, Tag Manager & All Things Tracking!

These are just a few of the questions you need to answer when you build a marketing campaign. Once you have answered these questions the next step is to produce ads, emails and web pages that reflect your intentions and accomplish your goals by courting your potential customers through their queries and concerns until they are confident in choosing your business to provide them with the given product or service. Perhaps that campaign won’t come together so fast after all…

The good news is that when you do think a campaign through, set up all of the necessary pieces and implement them, success comes relatively easy. Of course you need to track your results and run experiments to reach peak performance, but having all of your ducks in a row is a great place to start!

Tracking and managing a small budget – the key to marketing success for small businesses

THIS is the crux of marketing success and failure – budget management. It is also the source of the biggest conundrum that small businesses find themselves in – how do you manage your budget well enough to obtain results and continue to market? This is a conundrum because budget management is vital, especially to small businesses, but has a cost as well. We have solutions though, so read on!

One of the things that we love the most about the democratization of advanced online tools that has been made possible through the plethora of free resources, such as Google’s Tag Manager, Analytics , and Optimize , is that businesses of all sizes can succeed in a way that they could not before. There is also a low barrier to entry for small businesses to start gathering invaluable data and insights about their customers and their marketing efforts with the same nuances and insights that the big companies do.

Marketing For All

Previously, marketing people were at the top of the digital food chain (along with programmers, since they make all of this possible), data scientists are commanding top pay and are in high demand. Why? Because good data and data analysis saves far more money than it costs to employ these mathematical super stars! If all of this sounds overwhelming and above your pay grade, no sweat! I have two points to dissuade your stress with two very important benefits afforded to small businesses by these online tools:

  1. Digital marketing allows for the testing of very small budgets on very specific audiences.
  2. Free analytics and tracking tools exist to optimize your targeting and minimize budget inefficiencies via testing small amounts of money until performance has been dialed in

The only catch is, you have to know how to use the tools and what to look for in your data to begin with. While this may sound daunting, solutions exist. First, there are a plethora of blogs and tutorials that will tell you how to do these things. Now, if you are not in the market to learn a second profession since you already have one and a business to run, we have a second solution.

Success At Scale
There are many companies that focus on working with micro-businesses with micro-budgets to democratize marketing success and make it available to businesses of all sizes. We work with our clients to determine specific audience targeting, set up advanced analytics to make invaluable marketing insights that conserve and maximize budgets (think of this as identifying precisely what is not working in your campaigns so that we can quickly make improvements), leverage AI and automation to cut inefficiencies, and run experiments to improve performance continually.

That may have all sounded like a bunch of geek-speak but, basically, we can test the waters with small amounts of money to ensure that you don’t spend too many dollars figuring out what works and ultimately run out of money before you even get going. Gone are the days of investing $2000 in a billboard, radio or magazine ad hoping that they don’t flop. In 2019 marketing success is within reach for every business.

A/B Testing & Experiments – Fail. Forward. Fast.

How do you get your marketing strategy just right before you launch? You don’t. Yup, I said it, you don’t….at least not at first. Where marketers use to sit around spitballing for hours, trying to find the perfectly pithy slogan or determine the best image to get a client to respond to an ad, they now spend those hours coming up with iterations of an ad and a good tracking strategy to determine which version worked the best. Rather than relying on our intuition and experience we now rely on data. Say goodbye to guessing and say hello to fun terms like statistical significance.

It would surprise most people to learn that the color of the button that someone clicks to contact you could increase or decrease the amount someone clicks on it by 200% or that the word “custom” garners significantly better results than the word “personalized” in some cases. This is the magic of experiments and the beauty of what is possible with them, especially for small businesses, when this magic is married with the wonder of analytics and automation. I promise that I am not just having fun with alliteration here and that there truly is something special in this digital marketing world for small business owners.

Digital marketing allows us to do something that print and radio do not – make changes frequently, inexpensively and quickly until we find what works best. Couple this with our ability to know who responded to what ad, when, on what device and what actions that potential customers did or did not take when they reached your website and we have a recipe for unprecedented success.

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