Who we are

Just your typical team of web specialists, solving problems and growing businesses every day.


We listen. We build. We grow your business.

Founder Mandy T.  has been delivering epic online solutions at affordable rates for over 10 years. Why has Digital Reach thrived in an age of DIY web tools? It might be because clients think we’re fun…but more likely, it’s because we treat your business like our business and commit 110% to your success. Work with us and you’ll get to know Mandy and the rest of the team pretty well. So why not start now?

A win-win-win for our clients, our team, and our company

We strive to be a win-win-win web firm. Our clients, small business owners who generally don’t want to pay large-scale agency prices for their online solutions, win by getting top-class web work at affordable rates. We’re able to offer those rates thanks to our amazing, hand-picked team of web experts in the Philippines, who win with generous wages and great quality of life. As for the company, the win is the genuine relationships built with clients and that we can work from anywhere in the world, so long as there’s an Internet connection. It’s a win-win-win, just as it should be.


We are based in Alaska but spend much of the time traveling and working remotely from our computers. That’s one of the reasons we can keep our prices affordable to small businesses – no overhead costs for us = low costs for you. Another win-win!

A few of the power tools in our toolbox


As one of the Digital Reach founders and its lead developer and strategist, Mandy brings all the pieces together and keeps the Digital Reach family chugging along. Mandy oversees every project we touch, from client management and development right on down to design, programming, and marketing.


Mandy has a knack for being able to see the world through others’ eyes, which for clients means that she’s a careful listener who tailors solutions with insight and care— no cookie cutters from this girl! Under the pressure of deadlines and budgets, she’s a pretty cool cat. The only time this Phoenix native breaks a sweat is when she’s playing competitive beach volleyball or deep on a backpacking trail.

Mandy T.

The other half of the Digital Reach founding duo, Jen stumbled into web design by accident and stuck around for the great quality of life that web work offers (no office dress code, mid-day hikes encouraged). Jen appreciates smart, meaningful design and has wasted more hours than she would like to admit geeking out on web typography. A true Alaskan, when she’s not in front of the screen, she prefers to be on an epic road trip or deep in the backcountry.

Jen S.

Eliel develops high-performing marketing strategies to help clients reach their business objectives. In other words, he’s a digital marketing guru whose work makes clients send Mandy emails at odd hours saying “OMG! Our phones have been ringing off the hook!” Seriously, it happens. Google Ads-certified with over 10 years of experience, Eliel understands the “why” of the strategies he drives even while working on the “how” down in the weeds. When this dad of three is not up to his eyeballs in marketing data, Eliel enjoys photography and playing the drums.

Eliel T.

If there’s a jack of all trades on the team, it’s this guy. Charlemagne is a man of many talents, whether it’s spitting code, trouble-shooting tech glitches, or integrating outside applications. A natural problem solver, Charlemagne is the go-to when something isn’t working quite like it should, or when we’re looking for ideas about how to make something function better than ever before. He’s also the Digital Reach webmaster, which means he manages hosting, updates, email configuration, security, and site speed. See what we mean about being a jack of all trades?

Charlemagne R.

Michael takes the team’s creative designs and converts them into functional, engaging front-end user experiences. You know that great idea for your website that you and Mandy chatted about? Michael made that idea come to life. Aside from wrangling various coding languages to make websites look and run like dreams, you’ll find him swimming around in integrations, forms, and even ad design. A total utility player, he has yet to be stumped by anything the team has thrown his way. Hard to believe this is his first web job out of college!

Michael Deñega

Izzy is eerily good at coming up with strategies to get web users to take the actions she wants them to take. Sounds manipulative, but those “call now” and “purchase” buttons don’t click themselves! Izzy has been in the game for over 10 years and is a proven number cruncher and data analyst. You’ll regularly find her deep in the nitty gritty of client ad accounts recognizing inefficiencies and recommending optimizations.

Izzy R.