The Magical Local Service Ads by Google

What would you say if I told you that Google would put your ad above EVERYONE else’s and give you leads, directly? Exciting, right?! Now, what if I told you that Google would guarantee your services, giving customers even more assurance? If what I just said sounds like I am living in a fantasy land then read on, because it is not (trust me, when I read this my jaw also hit the floor!).

What are Local Service Ads?

Google Local Service ads are a new thing and they look like this:

Google Ads Have a Brand New Bag!

Those 3 little boxes across the top are Google Local Service ads. As you can see, they are placed above the normal paid Google ads, making them even more enticing for potential customers. Remember, people will see these ads when they are searching for a business just like yours that is nearby!

The Google Guarantee:

If you look closely, you will notice something else that is pretty cool:

This little notation packs more punch than one might initially realize. Sure, it is a sexy green checkmark that is a sure fire way to get the attention of your potential customers but there is more to this feature than meets the eye.

Google will guarantee the services of approved and verified Local Service businesses! That’s right, your customers can hire you knowing that if you don’t get it right, Google is in their corner. Pretty cool, right?

A New Way to Shop Services

The perfect marketing idea for a plumbing, locksmith, house cleaning, appliance repair, mechanic or HVAC business, Google take presenting your business information a step further with Local Service ads. It is important to remember that Google is always thinking about how to make things better for the businesses and customers that depend on them, so rest assured that there is something in it for your future customers, too!

What are the benefits of local service ads?

Search Intent Meets Lead Management:

Could there be a more romantic duo? Normally you use your ads to reach the right people with those ads, via keyword targeting, and send them to your website. When a potential customer reaches your website (if they do, since falloff can be high) they will then look into your services on your website and decide if they want to contact you or not. This is a great process already, but Google decided to simplify it a bit more.

With Google Local Service ads someone can find your profile and contact you through the Local Services App. It is through this app that Google knows when you received a real lead or not. And you only get charged for the leads you receive!

A potential customer will contact you through the Local Services app and you will either call or message them back from there!

Streamlined Management

Google Local Service makes it easy for you to manage your profile, ads, budget and leads, all from one place! Going out of town? Turn off your leads. Want to pay less per lead? Tinker with your targeting. Want to request reviews? Do that through the app, too! Build, manage and optimize your business with this awesome new tool! If all of this is a bit overwhelming, check out this guide or give us a shout!

Another Place to Be (Possibly for Free!)

I know – the last thing you want is another listing to manage but I promise you, if you are a service based business you want to be here! These listings are ABOVE normal search ads and give your profile a whole new look, as shown here:

The rankings of these Local Service profiles and ads are based on whether you have a verified profile, your reviews, how quickly and frequently you respond to leads and more! If you are a bit weary of spending ad money, you can read this guide or you can sign up for a Local Service listing for free and while you might not show up near the top of the list, you will still be part of the program!

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